Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trinity's Tribe

If you care about something, STAND up and LEAD!
(Seth Godin).

Over thousands of years creatures have been into TRIBES, empowering themselves, preserving their passions, and sustaining their breed.

Now, and as this virtual image has clearly disappeared,
It is time for the SHIFT BACK into the TRIBE Concept.

Our WORLD needs a CHANGE, our WORLD needs us in TRIBES.
Everyone of us is a leader; has passion and knowledge on something that some of us is interested in, but never had the leader to guide us.

If you'd like to find yourself a TRIBE, a group that cares about what you say, wait to hear it, and follow the guidelines you draw.

JUST say it LOUD!
Be an inspiration to lots around you.

Arise Curiosity

CHOOSE your own CHANCE - [If you dare]

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